Call for Fast Abstracts

Fast Abstracts Co-Chairs
Yoshiki Mitani (MITANI A.R.I, LLC., Japan)
Jens Heidrich (Fraunhofer IESE., Germany)

We are arranging the Fast Abstracts Section as an opportunity especially for people from industry to quickly publish an empirical study report paper.

We are looking forward to receiving many active contributions.

About Fast Abstracts:
A Fast Abstract is a technical article lightly reviewed by several reviewers, one to four pages in length, which requires a short presentation at the conference. The aim is to drive current work, research, practices, opinions, experiences, and issues. A Fast Abstract is an early communication of technical work and does not always require completed results as in the case of a journal publication. Authors can introduce new ideas to the community or state positions on controversial issues.

We especially recommend Fast Abstract papers for publishing work that is closely related to industry.

Fast Abstracts are an important part of IWSM/Mensura 2011. Accepted contributions will be published in the proceedings volume II of IWSM/Mensura 2011. Authors will present a short talk at the conference.

Fast abstracts should be submitted to
mensura2011-papers [at]

Papers (1 to 4 pages) must be formatted to the IEEE Conference Publications Manuscript Formatting Guidelines (two-column format). At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference and make a presentation about the paper.

Submission deadline for abstracts: Aug. 28, 2011
Submission deadline extended to Sep. 11, 2011
Notification of acceptance: Sep. 16, 2011 Sep. 23, 2011
Camera ready due: Sep. 24, 2011 Oct. 1, 2011

Message from Co-Chair Yoshiki Mitani @Tokyo, Japan
This year, the disaster that struck the northeast part of Japan has been a shocking experience. However, fortunately the Tokyo area where I live did not suffer any serious physical hazard and we are all safe. We are very grateful for the friendly calls from all over the world and for all the support. All of Japan is impressed by the warm messages and heart-warming support from the entire world. Japan is strongly progressing towards recovery. The accident at the nuclear power plant, which worried all of us at first, is also slowly finding a solution, step by step. Since Tokyo is more than 220 km away from Fukushima, there is no direct impact here. We are promoting the international conference “IWSM/Mensura 2011”, at Nara, in the Kansai area in the western part of Japan. We would like to emphasize that the Kansai area including Nara has not been affected by the disaster and we will be very safe there, since Nara is about 600 km away from the location of the Fukushima nuclear plant and the areas struck by the disaster.